Dr Fritz Solms

I am a senior lecturer at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Pretoria teaching mainly the software engineering, software architecture courses. I also head the Software Engineering and Software Architecture (SESAr) research group at the University of Pretoria. My research interests are in

  • software architecture,
  • technology neutral design,
  • model-driven engineering, and
  • software engineering

model-driven development and software and organizational architecture. I am a member of the ACM and its Special Interest Group on Software Engineering.

In addition to the academic courses I also offer

  • A range of industry courses around software architecture, design and development. These course are offered within the context of the continued education program, CE@UP, of the University of Pretoria. More information around the industry training can be obtained from Solms
  • Consulting services around software architecture and software engineering are offered Business Enterprises at the University of Pretoria, BE@UP.